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Is your Basement Flooded?


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The basement of the house doesn’t flood just because of river overflows. It can happen that the water main bursts sending streams of water out everywhere. Before anyone knows it, there are two inches of water in the basement. Vacuuming up the water can get rid of the basement pond, but there may be a problem lingering behind in patches of moisture. If there is, it can be very serious for any home.  A Restoration company should be called to handle the situation and remove all standing water from your structure AZ Flood Squad of Phoenix is available 24/7 to help prevent any further problems.



A disturbing health threat is black mold. Anyone with a respiratory problem can have their physical health condition aggravated and there’s a need for quick mold removal. Phoenix doesn’t get large amounts of rainfall but a home can have a basement flood due to leaks in the water pipes. Black mold can settle into the structure and weaken the wooden frames. The more serious situations can result in a house experiencing extensive structural damage from mold. Phoenix health department officials would have to possibly condemn the house and have people vacate it.



This kind of problem that can be taken care of quickly. If water has been standing in the basement for more than two or three days there is a possibility that mold made be starting to spawn. It doesn’t take more than an inspection by a professional mold removing contractor to determine whether or not there is evidence of black mold. This contractor has the necessary equipment and employees with the proper training to go in and eliminate any deposits of black mold. It means not only the health of the residents is better protected but the structural well-being of the home is also free of a potential disaster.



Basement floodings are not a common occurrence in dry areas. When they happen, however, the homeowner should take action immediately and not just dry the carpeting on the floor, but also to have an inspection for any mold development. It is a way of doing due diligence after an emergency has happened give AZ Flood Squad a call!

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